joi, 14 ianuarie 2010


Sometimes at the edge of sight,
Something moves which isn't there
You turn to look but its gone, it's gone
Was it ever really there
Yet it touches you, softly touches you
And then begins again
That scent of roses, the sound of sea
A breath of wind on your face
They take you back, they take you there
To that place long ago...*

(*Rebecca Lavelle-sometimes)

duminică, 10 ianuarie 2010


I have seen fear. I have seen faith.

Seen the look of anger on your face.

And if you want to talk about it anymore,

Lie here on the floor and cry on my shoulder,

I'm a friend.

And if you want to talk about what will be,

Come and sit with me, and cry on my shoulder,

Cry on my shoulder,

Once again. I'm a friend.*

(*james blunt-cry)

joi, 7 ianuarie 2010


Her violet sky
Will need to cry
Cause if it doesn rain
Then everything will die
She needs to heal
She needs to feel
Something more than tender.....*

(natalia imbruglia-come september)

sâmbătă, 2 ianuarie 2010

"pt sorelina mea draga"...but that line was already taken

Ho imparato a sognare
E ho iniziato a sperare
Che chi c’ha avere avrà
Ho imparato a sognare
Quando un sogno è un cannone,
Che se sogni
Ne ammazzi metà
Quando inizi a capire
Che sei solo e in mutande
Quando inizi a capire
Che tutto è più grande
C’ era chi era incapace a sognare
E chi sognava già..*
(Negrita-ho imparato a sognare)